Our World


Our story has evolved over 75 years. Every day, We take the best moments of discovery, learn from the rest, and move forward to the next day where the materials, technologies and processes may change but the goal remains the same: giving anglers the upper hand by improving the angling experience.

Our path has taken many turns. While our missteps have never defined us, how we have responded to them most certainly has. With gritty determination, our family-owned company built, owns, and operates the two most advanced fishing rod facilities in the world, along with a world-class brand that has earned the respect and admiration of anglers around the planet. We will continue to challenge ourselves, our employees, and our partners to be the best every day.


Unique to the fishing rod industry, St. Croix has total control over the sourcing, manufacturing, and craftsmanship that goes into building our rods. That control results in our ability to deliver complete consistency to our anglers.

Whether your fly rod was made at St. Croix North – our Park Falls, Wisconsin headquarters – or St. Croix South in Fresnillo, Mexico, rest assured it was designed and precision crafted – start to finish – by passionate and talented people whose only motivation is your complete satisfaction.


St. Croix has the deepest research and development resources in the industry, and we leverage them daily to seek out new materials, technologies, and processes that continually push the limits of fly rod design, manufacturing, and performance. Our history proves this.