At St. Croix, we’re continually seeking out and testing new materials and technologies that will boost angler performance. MITO functionalized graphene is the latest innovation supporting our persistent pursuit of fly rod perfection.

Graphene is a single-atom-thick honeycomb layer of carbon, harder than diamond, yet more elastic than rubber. In fact, it’s the strongest and stiffest material known to man. We’ve had an eye on graphene for a while, but until recently, available graphene products applicable to rod building failed to deliver the consistency and control we demand.

Through an exclusive relationship with MITO Material Solutions, St. Croix is the only rod manufacturer leveraging MITO technology and applying the first and only verified functionalized graphene product to its rod-building materials in-house. “Functionalized” means that

MITO’s graphene product fits within our existing manufacturing processes, and that we’re in full control of the material’s application. MITO functionalized graphene is fiber-agnostic, meaning it’s compatible with any carbon or composite material we want to use – a critical consideration, as most of our rod-blank designs contain multiple materials. MITO’s formula also ensures graphene concentrations in the functionalized product are homogenous – much more evenly dispersed than in commercially available graphene nano resins. This means we’re able to apply a total weight loading of actual graphene material at accuracies within .01%.

For the benefit of anglers, MITO graphene technology allows St. Croix to make certain sections of a fly rod blank stiffer and stronger while using less material, helping fine-tune flex characteristics while improving any rod’s overall strength-to-weight ratio. It also allows us to make fly rods with dramatically improved dampening for quicker recovery, translating to higher line speeds and greater loop stability. Finally, MITO graphene increases torsional rigidity, attenuating blank twist to keep the rod moving and flexing within a single plane for increased accuracy.

MITO graphene technology gives us total control during manufacturing, so we can precision craft rods that dramatically increase your control on the water.